What is MoparStyle Racing?

MoparStyle racing is the father/son drag racing team of Dave and Dallas Schultz.

They race on a National circuit in an Index Class called Nostalgia Super Stock, which is the spirit of Super Stock racing in the early 60s, but with faster cars. Dave drives a 1960 Plymouth 2-door wagon by the name of The Texas Whale, and his son Dallas runs a 1965 Dodge Coronet by the name of Big Red Ram. They also have backup cars Vitamin C (to be piloted by Hope Schultz, when she turns 16 in 2014), and Texas Black Magic (currently in the process of being rebuilt and painted in the new team colors).

While drag racing is our lives — it is very expensive. It currently cost us about $75,000 a year in expenses to field a pair of cars. after a little sponsor help with product. To offset some of those expenses, MoparStyle Racing sells linking banners ($1 a day to rotate onto five sites), and offers its web and graphics services and a steep discount.


MoparStyle Racing can help with anything Internet, including:

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