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$1 a day for 5 Sites Sale

You can currently run your choice of four different banner sizes to rotate onto any five of the below web sites for $365 a year, and we'll create the banner for you. Not only does the banner act as a billboard having your product burned into the memory of the web site visitor, when the banner is clicked, the visitor will be taken to your web site.

Web Site 728X90 500X62 160X300
MoparStyle   X X
Mopar Style Forums X   X
MoparStyle Classifieds X   X
Old Hippie   X X
Old Hippie Forums X   X
Old Hippie Classifieds X   X
Maniacal Ravings Dave Schultz   X X
NSS Racing   X X
NSS Racing Forums X   X
Chairman Obama   X X
Get out of the UN Now   X X
Damn Yankees   X X
Redneck Humor   X X
William The Impeached   X X
Texas Whale Racing   X X
Big Red Ram   X X
Vitamin C Racing   X X
Old Hippie's Gift Shop   X X
Chairman Obama's Gift Shop   X X
MagnumGT   X X
Dave Duell Classic   X X
MoparStyle Racing   X X
Old Hippie's Roots   X X
God-Bless-Texas X X X

Click the links in the above chart to see the site, and get a feel for the advertisers currently displaying their banner on it.

The three different size banners are:

We can scan 100s of photos quick and cheap

160 X 300 Pixel

Advertise for as low as $1 day

500 X 62 Pixel

and a huge 728 X 90 Pixel banner, which is too large to display on this page, but is a much larger version of the above 500 X 62 banner.

Taking advantage of this sale is simple. Click to button below to pay by Check, Credit Card or Paypal and you will be asked for your contact information, the web site you want to link to, the size ad you desire, and the five web sites you want your ad to rotate onto. Within 2 business days an ad will be designed with the look an feel of your web site, and displaying on the five sites of your choosing.

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