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Swap out your wood grain of use to customize your - like I did in 6th photo.
Beasley, Texas  Interior
75.00 Dollar US$ 4 months ago
GT option package that added front fender medallions, silver GT logos, wheel lips, color-keyed fender flares, heavy-duty 15-inch by 7-inch extra-wide GT Rallye wheels, charcoal astratone wheels painted with a bright center dome, lug nuts and deep-dis...
Beasley, Texas  Collector & Muscle Cars
15000.00 Dollar US$ 6 months ago
About 15 years ago I fabricated a custom dash panel with Dakota Digital gauges for my Magnum. I've decided to go back to a stock dash with custom gauges If you're interested in my digital panel, I'm selling for $300. The tach isn't very bright. I'm n...
Beasley, Texas  Magnum Specific
300.00 Dollar US$ 1 year ago
Impossible to find front fender from a 1963 Studebaker GT Hawk. Blasted, patch panel welds ground a little smoother, and sprayed in primer. Fender Is rust free, but had patch panels welded in at some time in its life. From a 1963 GT Hawk I've owned s...
Beasley, Texas  Studebaker Specific
600.00 Dollar US$ 1 year ago
Rust frees Texas left front door to 1960 Plymouth 4-door sedan or wagon. Includes trim and glass as pictured. I can't ship, but many on line shippers will bid to come pick up, wrapping movers blankets and deliver to you. Heights Crating (in Houston) ...
Beasley, Texas  1960 Plymouth Specific
300.00 Dollar US$ 1 year ago

This 2009 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak presents a unique opportunity to purchase not only very rare and exclusive Mopar sheetmetal, but one that is untouched and as picked from the factory. So if you're looking for that next piece to preserve in your co...
Beasley, Texas  Race Cars
40000.00 Dollar US$ 1 year ago
It is with great sadness that I’ll be listing my “Plodge” project for sale. I just can’t find time to do it. It is a Southern California 61 Dodge wagon with a 61 Plymouth front end and dash. I’ll be putting on eBay soon. Very Solid. Very Unique. Uniq...
Beasley, Texas  Collector & Muscle Cars
10000.00 Dollar US$ 2 years ago
Would you, our club, your church, your neighborhood or your business like to have an easy to use Classified Ad web site similar to this one? I can make it happen for you cheap! Charge for ads if you wish and/or generate revenue from banners. I'll set...
Beasley, Texas  Web Services Offered
Free 2 years ago
This left front door came off of the 60 Plymouth 4-door Station Wagon that was built into a race car. It was blasted and primed. I am led to believe that doors from 1960 are interchangeable through 1962 and Plymouth to Dodge -- but the buyer needs to...
Rosenberg, Texas  1960 Plymouth Specific
372.00 Dollar US$ 2 years ago
These inner fenders (aka splash guards or Aprons) came out of the 60 Plymouth Station Wagon that was built into a race car. It is my understanding that they will fit all Full size 60 Plymouth -- and most likely also fit all 1960-1962 Full size Plymou...
Rosenberg, Texas  1960 Plymouth Specific
250.00 Dollar US$ 2 years ago