Shipping of Large or Heavy Items

How Freight Shipping Works

Big items need to be picked up at my race shop in Beasley, TX 77417 Monday through Friday - 8am to 4pm.

I don't get involved in freight shipping because of my liability if freight company loses, doesn't arrive on time, drops a pallet, billing problems, and my time spent negotiating and going back and forth between buyer and the freight company. I'm a one man race shop and don't have time for dealing with freight.

However, if you want a large or heavy item shipped to you, you're not hosed!

The least expensive way I know is They give you a quote to pickup at my shop, you pay them by credit card, and they email me a Bill of Lading to give driver. A buyer in Conneticut the other day bought a 440 block from me, and he says that it cost him $275. I had to buy a pallet, wrap the block in plastic wrap, and strap it down and then use my tractor with forks to get it onto the truck. I charge $50 as it costs me at least that in time and materials to go buy a pallet and prepare for shipping.

I have a business name and address, have regular business hours, have access for tractor and trailer to easily get in and out, and use my tractor so you don't need a liftgate to come get it. They will require all of that to give you the best business quote.

The weight of the item plus the pallet is the other information to get a quote. Just take a wild guess as I don't have a shipping scale. Give them a business name for yourself (IE:Daves Used Car Parts) for a corporate rate.