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Off a 408ci (360 Block) race engine. $20 shipping in Lower 48 or pick up at my shop in Richmond.
Beasley, Texas  Engine & Transmission
50.00 Dollar US$ 1 month ago
$400 Beasley, TX Few passes since ATI freshened up. Ran on a 72 Dodge Demon that ran in NMC Class. Email or text me if you're seriously interested. Shipped in lower 48 for $45 or pick up at my shop in Beasley, TX
Beasley, Texas  Engine & Transmission
400.00 Dollar US$ 1 month ago
Priced to go fast, but only local pickup at my shop in Beasley TX (a little Sw of Houston). A lot of work done on balancing it. Was in a strong motor that was disassembled because of a cylinder sleeve issue. All journals smooth. I've wiped down with ...
Beasley, Texas  Engine & Transmission
400.00 Dollar US$ 1 month ago
Was rebuilt about 15,000 miles ago. Was in a 67 Dart mated to the Leaning Tower Of Power. Car was upgraded to small block. Case was hot tanked when rebuilt, but not painted - so I hit with a couple coats of Hemi Orange before shrink wrapping. Pick up...
Beasley, Texas  Engine & Transmission
250.00 Dollar US$ 2 months ago
These were the pistons and rods that was in a 360 block that propelled a 3200# Demon to 10.6s. It was a special recipe that Diamondback Engines used with Indy 360 heads and an forged Eagle Crank. They're SRP pistons (4.030/1.350 Compression height/+5...
Beasley, Texas  Engine & Transmission
900.00 Dollar US$ 2 months ago

For Sale race Prepped Mopar 360. Was in my 10.5 Demon as a 408ci, but a not known head gasket leak when I stored the car corroded #5 and maybe #6 cylinder. The block is .030 drilled and line bored for 4-bolt Milodon caps. Very expensive machining don...
Beasley, Texas  Engine & Transmission
500.00 Dollar US$ 4 months ago
Set of used valve covers off the 455 Olds motor in my 46 Olds Street Rod. I believe the motor was a 71, but can't swear to it. I replaced with after market valve covers They appear to be in great shape and motor never leak from them. $25 shipping to ...
Beasley, Texas  Engine & Transmission
100.00 Dollar US$ 8 months ago
I bought this "NOS" Rat Roaster intake to replace the Mopar Cross Ram on my Max Wedge Drag Car. Through my lack of research, I found that it isn't for Max Wedge ports after bolting on. If you're drag racing in Nostalgia Super Stock, or have a Street/...
Beasley, Texas  Engine & Transmission
2000.00 Dollar US$ 1 year ago
I converted my column shift 1978 Dodge Magnum to a floor shift. These are some misc shifter parts that came off my column shift linkage. They're in good usable condition if yours have been lost or corroded. $25 + $10 Priority Mail Shipping
Beasley, Texas  Engine & Transmission
25.00 Dollar US$ 1 year ago
Free Shipping I screwed up and ordered these Pump Gears based on a search for Mopar 727. It turns out gears for a GM TH350 are .727" thick. My screw up is your savings. Second and/or Third set (if still available) shipped at no extra charge. Shipped ...
Rosenberg, Texas  Engine & Transmission
26.50 Dollar US$ 1 year ago