MoparWiki Project

The MoparWiki Project

Build it and they will come

The MoparWiki is a brand new concept of having everyone in the Mopar community collaborate with building the biggest and best database of Mopar Knowledge ever assembled.
The goal is for Internet Search Engines to send to the MoparWiki those needing specific information on:
  • Mopar History
  • Mopar Makes
  • Mopar Models
  • Famous Mopar Cars
  • Mopar People – Factory, Dealers, Racers, Designers…
  • Mopar Vendors
  • Mopar Magazines
  • Mopar Clubs and Forums
  • Mopar engines, transmissions, and other drive-train
  • Mopar Innovations, and anything else Mopar
  • Terminology used throughout MoparWiki
New concepts, like the MoparWiki, generally take a little time to gather steam for active collaboration – but the MoparWiki is well on its way. Hundreds of Wikis have been created, and more and more people jump in and help each month. Some add facts like production numbers, others add or improve the story, and yet others dress up spelling or grammatical errors.
Build it and they will come. As the MoparWiki grows with the help of a small group of people that have taken the lead, those sitting on the sidelines are now at least promising to jump in and help. We are looking for a group of leaders willing to roll up their sleeves and set an example for the followers, to encourage them to help on this large community project. If you have leadership qualities and would like to be on the ground floor with participating in a project like this – then please jump in.
The MoparWiki is not a project of just one Mopar club – but of the entire Mopar community. That said, MoparStyle registered users who are currently logged in can contribute some of their knowledge on a Wiki topic. MoparStyle is able to provide a registration database, which gives the Administrator the ability to control spam and vandalism. If you would like to help contribute information to the MoparWiki – please register at Besides the MoparWiki, MoparStyle registration allows posing in the MoparStyle Free Classified Ads, MoparStyle Member's Garage, and forums — but you are not obligated to participate (or even visit) in those areas if you do not wish to.
Please help the Mopar Community with sharing Mopar information that you might have. Don't worry about writing the entire Wiki — just collaborate on what information you do have. For instance, if you have facts on production numbers or technical specs — go ahead and add them and leave the pretty words to the Wordsmiths.


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