Race Shop

The MoparStyle Racing Shop is located in beautiful Beasley, Tx – the Redneck town famous for its “highest percentage of guns and dogs over 100 pounds per person in America” and amazingly the lowest crime rate in Texas.

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In addition to the home, there are multiple buildings to house a large collection of race cars, collectible cars, trucks and motorcycles. There are also many sheds and containers for car parts; covered shelter for multiple trailers and the race rig, and an area for fabrication.

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One shop is dedicated to the repair and restoration of race cars and the collectible vehicles.

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Dave is in the process of preparing to dramatically reduce his collection of vehicles and parts by about 2/3 – to spend more time with his grandchildren, traveling the country with his wife, knocking off some long motorcycle tours off his bucket list, and to race more.

Many of his vehicles will be listed on this site, eBay, Racing Junk, MoparStyle.com, Craig’s List and elsewhere.

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