Stuff I’d Barter For

Years ago, I use to subscribe to the mantra of “He who has the most toys, WINS!” As have gotten older, I’ve realized that I have way too much stuff for me to be able to maintain. I am in the process of reducing the toys by about 2/3s.

To see the stuff I’m currently selling, look to the Navbar for “For Sale, and a mouseover will show sub categories, and a mouseover that will show the detail pages of actual items.

While I’d would much rather convert it to cash, I realize I could be passing up on good deals with that stringent of a demand. So I’ve come up with a list of the few items I’m interested on, and might consider as part of a trade. I’m in Beasley, TX, which is about 35 miles SW of Houston, Texas. A couple of things to keep in mind when wanting to barter for stuff I have:

  • I have way too much stuff, I and my goal is to reduce my footprint of stuff for an easier and less complicated life – not increase or just change the stuff I have. I have to really see a lot of value to motivate me to be involved in a barter.
  • I’m not a stupid man. Please don’t insult my intelligence with a stupid offer.
  • I am not a trusting man. For better than 60 years people have tried to separate me from my stuff with lies and fraud. I’m not an easy mark, I know most of the scams, and I’ll research and verify to the ends of the Earth. Don’t waste either of our time, as you’ll only piss me off and I’ll feel compelled to make an example of you.

So if the above is understood, I might be interested in the below, if I see it representing a better deal than just cash.

Professional Paint and Body Man

I have a number of solid street cars, and a race car in my collection with original paint which need to be scuffed, imperfections addressed, and painted expeditiously.  Must have access to paint booth, do excellent work, and not be a flake that will have my cars for years or disappear.

Black Floor Shift Steering Column & Black Floor Shift Console and Shifter for my 1978 Magnum

I want to Convert my granny shift Magnum to a floor shift. Looking for a black tilt steering column – preferably with cruise control. I believe than any B Body  column from 1975-1979 will work. Maybe C-Bodies are same length and connection.

Also needing a black floor shift console and shifter in great condition. While a refer a 78 Charger, Magnum, Sport Fury or Cordoba – others that will fit come from a 75-77 Charger, 75-77 Sport Fury, 75-79 Cordoba, 75-77 Charger, 75-77 Monaco, and 79 Magnum and Cordoba.

Gear Vendors Overdrive with18″ Tail Shaft for Mopar 727 SKU: 3DFS727A

Looking for like new Gear Vendors overdrive for my 1978 Magnum.

Used, but safe 15′ Rolling Scaffold

Looking for a good deal on a sturdy 15′ scaffold locally (Harris/Fort Bend/Wharton area)

Metal Brake/Shear

Looking for a good deal on a well used but operable  floor mounted 48-72 Metal Brake – with or without shear.

Excellent Generation 2 Mopar Hemi

I’m building a street version (I have way too many race cars) of a 65 Coronet A990 Clone. I still need second generation Hemi. I’ll ultimately buy a new crate 426/472, but would consider a like new option. No used up, needs to be rebuilt, block welded up,… Motors.

Gold and or Silver

Uncirculated coins or ignets at between broker buy and sell rates.

1938-39 Graham Sharknose

In solid condition, up. Can be body only, or completed Street Rod. Has to be absolutely Solid and rust-free. Prefer a Coupe, but would consider a Sedan.

Vintage three-wheeled Cushman

Like the old Postal or Meter Maid vehicles of early Sixties.

Vintage Golf Cart

50s or 60s three-wheeled tiller steered golf carts, like the one Harley Davidson once made.

Texas Hill Country Land

I’d be willing to listen. Something around 10-20 acres with old cabin would be ideal.

Southeast to Central Texas Lake Front Land

On small rustic lakes. Not looking for luxury living. More like trailer retreat.

Nice 1960 Ford Starliner Kustom

Or solid body and frame to make into a Kustom

Motorized Used Mule

Open to brand and age, but must be in very good and dependable condition.

Small Used Forklift

Prefer pneumatic tires. Nothing expensive

49 Cadillac 2-Fastback

Would like to have a Street Rod of this car. No junk.

Small Backhoe

Old and Cheap, but ready to provide light farm duty.

Quality Used Gun Safe

Large, good fire rating, and secure door cylinders

Trees Planted in Beasley, TX

Looking to have a lot of Long Needle Pine hand planted around fence line and truck planted Live Oaks lining the driveway.

Installed Shop Air Conditioner

Suspended AC and heat installed in my insulated  30′ x 40′ metal building (Race Shop).

Fort Bend County Interior Specialist

I’m in the process of restoring a 46 Olds Street Rod and ready to have the interior started. The plan is to install big and comfortable leather 6-way power seats (that allow access to rear seat) and either recover stock rear seat to match, or seats matching front seat that properly fit. Will also need new headliner, visors, door panels, rear panels, and finish trunk. What interior installed at my sop rather that leaving car at your shop. Will need references.

12-16′ Solar Powered Electric Gate

Installed in Beasley, Tx

Various Used Metal Working Shop Equipment

Heavy Duty,  Old, and at bargain rate. Right now I’m most interested in a large Vertical Band Saw, large belt sander and medium duty Metal Brake

NOS or Restored Grill for 1965 Coronet

I have a 1965 Coronet A990 Tribute project I’m building, and looking for a real nice grill for that build.

Wrecked Mopar with Usable low mileage Modern Hemi, 8-Speed & ECU

Looking to buy a low mileage Mopar with a modern Hemi and 8-speed transmission, which s a total wreck but excellent motor and transmission.

4- Post Lift Installed

I need a working 9,000 pound (minimum) four post car installed.

Complete Dana 60 Axle

Looking for a Dana 60, drum to drum, for a 1965 era Mopar B-body.

Digital Climate Control for Grand National

My 1986 Grand National has the unit in Celsius,  and I need for Fahrenheit.  Looking for exact unit pictured in NOS or excellent used. They were found in 1978-1987 Regals and Riveras with Climate control.

Magnum & GT emblems


I’m looking for a pair of of Magnum Fender and GT emblems fr a 1978-1979 Magnum GT



So if there is something I have that you want, and you have something that I’ve indicated that I want – use the form below, giving very detailed information on your item, photos of it, and your offer. If it is reasonable, I’ll get back with you. If it’s ridiculous – I won’t.

Regards ,

Dave Schultz

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