Texas Whale

The Texas Whale is a 1960 Plymouth Suburban 2-dr.

Admittedly, it started life as a 4-door Suburban, as there were few 2-dr Suburban wagons made in 1960, and very few survivors. Two door wagons, just as 2-dr Sedans and Hardtops, have a bigger front door.  Welding up the back door is not the proper way to convert a 4-dr to a 2-dr. Sides from the cabin section of a 2-dr Sedan donor car are required, as is a lot of cutting and welding. This work (as was most of the initial build) was performed by Mark Artis of Texas Thunder in Frisco, Texas.

The car is very light 3070 pounds wo/driver because of one-off fiberglass front fenders, bumpers, hood, and tailgate; and Lexan windows replacing all glass.

It’s current motor is a 908hp (before the Aerospace Components Vacuum Pump) 540ci Mopar Wedge. Transmission was built in the MoparStyle Racing Shop and the converter is an 8′ ATI Tree Master. The fuel system consists of a Fuelab digital pump, both of the fore and aft pump filters, and regulator. Brakes are Aerospace Components on all four corners. Much of the incidentals used in assembly came from Mancini Racing.

This car has been raced hard for going on eight years now, so the plan is for it to completely torn down and rebuilt even better after the 2017 racing season – as the Texas Thug will be ready to make it’s reincarnated appearance after a three year restoration.

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