Vitamin C

The Vitamin C was purchased as a backup car in 2010 from a pair of racing brothers in New Mexico. It is a heavy (3350 wo/driver) all steel and glass car. It originally ran in the  mid10s with a 426 Wedge. When that block wore out, the Max Wedge heads, rods and crank were assembled in/on a 440 block.

Last year the engine and transmission were replaced with a 580ci Iron block Wedge with 896 hp, and beefier transmission. It now runs in the 9s. While it is a backup car to the Texas Whale, Dave runs it on the 1/8 mile tracks in the SHRA Series.

TTI sponsored a set of 2.125/2.25 headers, and a new set of Aerospace Components front brakes were purchased. The plan is to restore this car after the Texas Whale. We’re hoping to get hooked up with some product sponsors for rear brakes and fuel system.

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