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Living Quarters Race Car Trailer Specs

I currently have a 38’ gooseneck race car trailer without living quarters that I take to local races and sleep on a cot without AC, heat, or plumbing. My wife wants no part of that living accommodation. I also have 39’ Toy Hauler that we can take two Harleys and stay in comfort. I want a single replacement for both. I’ve found no Toy Hauler with a large enough garage for a 3500# car or even engineered durable enough. Nor have I found a living quarter car hauler with a full height bedroom. As such, the following are the specifications for a trailer that meets our needs.

  • 48’ x 13’3” x 8’5” Aluminum triple mini-spread axle, 5th wheel, triple slide trailer with 22’ car garage (early 60’s station wagon). It needs to have an upstairs stand up Bedroom/bathroom. Exterior in white .040 screw-less exterior walls. The below is an example of the shape.

  • Living Quarter’s exactly like the below floor plan, except for the elimination of a second ½ Bath.

  • In living room, I want the entertainment center mounted high in the corner where ½ bath was eliminated, and I’ll want to put a recliner under it.
  • In the bedroom, I want a King size sleep number mattress bed with under storage
  • For dining, I want removable tables that plug into floor in front of reclining sofa, but will break down to be stored in the closet
  • Queen bed loft accessed in living quarters with permanent mounted ladder, which encroaches into upper of garage area.
  • Garage interior walls white screw-less aluminum
  • Garage floor of extruded aluminum with two in floor spare tire compartments
  • 12 Recessed D-Rings as three rows (Street side, curb side and middle) of four (1’, 7, 14’ and 21’) so I can either tie down a car or up two four Harleys
  • Need rear of garage to have beaver tail and want a 0-Gravity tall ramp door capable of supporting the loading of a 3500# race car with low hanging headers. Door cables needs to also be strong enough to hold door in completely horizontal position, so it can be used as an elevated patio with 4-5 men (1200-1500#) sitting on it
  • Full width 3’ reinforced Aluminum fold down ramp hinged to ramp door
  • Double fold up sofa beds in garage on elevator rails, so the raise to ceiling when car is in garage, lower for pair of 6’ sofas when car is out and the garage and is used for patio, and fold flat for guest sleeping. See below example of sofa beds on rails found in most toy haulers.

  • Two 15k AC units, a sufficient vent to garage that can be manually opened or closed to cool garage or not
  • Wheels (aluminum) and tires are to be 17.5” rated at least H load, 125 psi, and at least 82mph speed. Bolt in valve stems
  • Interior walls in living quarters to be typical lightweight motorhome style vinyl covered fiberboard.
  • Interior colors to be light grey walls, burgundy furniture, dark cherry cabinetry, with lava tile floor with black grout
  • Big man shower with seat
  • The below is an example of cabinetry quality I’m looking for
  • Quiet Diesel Genset capable of powering the two ac units and normal living quarter use. I often must spend long weekends at the track with no hookups. Auto start generator controller.
  • 25-gallon (Minimum) diesel tank for generator
  • Two AGM batteries and Magnum Energy Pure Sine Inverter charger
  • Roof mounted solar charger
  • 30-gallon propane tank
  • Propane heat and water heater
  • Min 100 gallons fresh water tank
  • Min 50 gallon each Waste and Sewer tanks
  • Low maintenance roof not requiring constant application of sealant
  • Removable roof ladder
  • Aluminum wheel wells heavy enough to limit damage to trailer in event of tire blowout
  • Large screened dark tinted windows on either side of garage
  • Pull Down screen for rear garage door opening to make screened porch
  • 15’-20’ electric awning
  • Exterior TV behind door in compartment on curbside slide out. Also, Bluetooth/ FM radio and speakers in compartment.
  • UHF/VHF TV antennae, Cable, Direct TV and DVD player pre-wired to all three TVs
  • Outside connections for Sewer, fresh water, water fill, cable TV, Portable Dish, propane fill, diesel fill
  • Front of trailer to have a mild wedge for better aerodynamics
  • One pass through under trailer compartment with sliding tray, and as many other under compartments as possible
  • Manually cranked stability jacks in rear of trailer, and rollers
  • Power Jacks in front
  • LED Exterior Porch and Pit light
  • All lighting to be LED
  • Cushioned 5th wheel pin box
  • Double LED tail lights and Reverse lights located in rear door
  • Turn signal LED lights on each side
  • Dual Spare tires (Same wheels and tires) mounted on Front of trailer high enough to clear truck cab, but low enough to remove spare while standing on bed tool box
  • Furniture and appliances in living quarters exactly as on floor plan
  • Automatic bathroom vent
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors in living quarters
  • Central Vacuum
  • Four AC outlets in garage area, capable of use of 16v 25amp racecar battery charger (for between rounds) without tripping a circuit
  • No curtains, bedspreads, Clocks, art, pillows or other decorations required
  • Price Vega Touch instead of switches as an optional upgrade
  • Plenty overhead and under counter cabinet storage and drawers in dark cherry
  • Counter tops need to be economical upgrade over Formica, like Corian equivalent

trailerspecs   <—— PDF of Trailer specs


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