Welcome to MoparStyle Racing’s Web Site

MoparStyle Racing is the entity that Dave Schultz uses to blend his drag racing, forums, and the Internet Services he provides to help support his drag racing habit.

There’s a saying in drag racing – “If you want to make a million dollars in drag racing, start with two million.”

This year Dave is committed to run all of the NMCA races in the Texas Whale and win back the Champion he’d won in 2014; and all of the SHRA races in the Vitamin C that don’t conflict. As of this writing they haven’t released their schedule.  His youngest daughter graduates high school during the Dave Duell Classic (biggest NSS race f them all), and he’ll drive the rig to Kentucky, set up pit, fly home for graduation, and back for Qualifying without any time trials.

The Texas Thug is in the process of a complete rebuild. When completed for the 2018 season, it will replace the Texas Whale as it goes through it’s two year restoration.

MoparStyle Racing also owns and administers a trio of Forums for Mopars, NSS Racing, and General topics. These forums have very light advertising on them, and represent a great value to advertise your business for just $100 a year.

While it only scratches the surface of the costs, MoparStyle Racing is a reseller of Domain Registration, Web Hosting and other Internet services, and Dave assists these needing help setting up forums, wiki, web sites, photo albums; and transferring sites to a less expensive hosting or dedicated server. You’ll find links providing more information in the menus.

Dave had a large collection of collectible cars, race cars and motorcycles. To simplify his life a little, he’s in the process of thinning the herd by about 75%, and will be listing these vehicles on this site and elsewhere.

Finally, we are always looking for sponsorship help for cash or product.

More detailed information on all of this can be found on pages, which the NavBar and Sidebar menus will navigate you to.