93 Allante

Selling one my two 1993 Cadillac Allantes. Most desirable year as only year with Northstar. Sold by McGinnis Cadillac, been in Texas all its life. Been in family for a long time. Low miles 46k, runs good, air blows cold. Drive anywhere. I have two and reducing my collection. Speedo occasionally will give an insane MPH until you switch from KPH to MPH. Done that forever and never bothered me. Polo Green Neutral int was the most desirable combo. Interior beautiful. An Allante this low mileage and beautiful is a steal at $12k


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While I’m selling this and most of my other collector cars, trucks, and motorcycles for our retirement and for less to maintain, there is a short list of items I might consider in trade. For a complete and up to date list of items I have for sale or trade, click here.
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